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Editor/Publisher: Gideon Steinberg

Contributor: Mark Askwith, Chester Brown, Kent Burles, Peter Dako, Dave Darrigo, Dan Day, Rodney Dunn, Paul Gilligan, Peter Hsu, Steve LeBlanc, Morgan Miller, Bernie Mireault, Jeffery Morgan, Gabriel Morrissette, Dean Motter, Larry Nadolsky, Paul Pinter, Paul Rivoche, Arn Saba, Mark Shainblum, R.G. Taylor, Ty Templeton, Anthony Van Bruggen, Rob Walton.

Canadia Comics Cavalcade was an anthology published by Gibeon Steinburg through his company Artwork. The proceeds from this book went to the food banks of Canada. It was inspired by the Marvel and DC publications Heroes For Hope and Heroes Against Hunger, which raised money for African relief. Most of the contributors submitted advertisement posters of their characters, but for those who submitted stories, you will find their submissions recorded under their names.



Canadian Comics Cavalcade, 1-1, Summer 1986,