This glossary is intended to clarify what I mean by various terms I* use in this encyclopedia.

BOOK: a single issue or an annual publication It can have a hardcover, perfect or saddle stitch


CARTOON: the text and illustration are integrated.

CARTOONIST: (Car.) handles both the text and illustration aspects of a cartoon.

COLOURIST: (Col.) colours the illustration.

GRAPHIC: refers to a work that is driven completely or primarily by illustrations.

ILLUSTRATION: the visual part of a cartoon; illustrates a text or can stand on its own.

ILLUSTRATOR: (Illus.) handles the illustrative aspects of a cartoon, or at least pencil and ink

portions of those illustrative aspects, does illustrations separate from a text, or does stand alone pictures.

INKER: (In) overdraws in ink a penciled illustration.

LAYOUT ARTIST: (Lay.) translates a text into a graphic outline.

LETTERER: (Let.) scripts the text of a cartoon.

NEWSPAPER: a daily publication.

PENCILLOR: (Pen.) draws the pencil portion of an illustration.

PERIODICAL: multiple issues in a year, from weekly up to but not including annual.

TEXT: the written part of a cartoon; the written part of a work aided by an illustration or a stand alone

work. It also refers to a publication that is driven completely of primarily by text.

TEXT & GRAPHIC refers to a work where I can’t make up my mind where it belongs.

WRITER: (Writ.) handles the textual part of a cartoon or text that is assisted by illustration or is

stand alone..

WRITER &ILLUSTRATOR: (Writ. & Illus.) creates a work whose text and illustrations are

related but not integrated..