C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE OF PERSON\S\SHAINBLUM Mark, Mackenzie Queen, 1-3, ifc.jpg                                                        Mackenzie Queen, 1-3, 1985: Inside front cover.

Born 1963 in Montréal.

He was a graduate of Concordia University’s creative writing program.

He organized the company Discovery Publications to publish the fanzine Orion in April 1981.

About 1985, Shainblum organized a second company Matrix Graphic Series which published the periodical New Triumph featuring North Guard (1985-1986). The company’s imprint Matrix Books published Canuck Comics (1986) a price guide of Canadian comics. It ceased operations about 1987.

“Northguard” was written by Mark and illustrated by Gabriel Morrissette this hero first appeared in New Triumph no. 1, 1984. Later the two created a second hero “Infinite Man” which Shainblum says is mostly Morrissette’s doing.

In 1995 and 1996, the two teamed up again to create “Angloman”.

In 1998, under license from Richard Comely, and as co-plotters, Mark wrote and Sandy Carruthers who also penciled Captain Canuck newspaper strips 293 to 304 and 311 to 316, illustrated, “Captain Canuck: Utopian Moments” which they intended to publish as a four part mini-comic series. Difficulties arose and only part one was published.

Starting with the September 1999 issue of chickaDEE magazine, Mark wrote the “Daisy Dreamer” serial which Gabriel Morrissette was already illustrating. He continued to write this feature till the March 2001 issue.

Mark contributed stories to graphic magazines Black Zeppelin, Love Fantasy, written articles for Ahoy Magazine, Comics Review, and Graffiti.




Content novel:

Angloman. Illus., Gabriel Morrissette. Nuage Editions, 1995.

Angloman 2. Illus., Gabriel Morrissette. Nuage Editions, November 1996.


Content serial:

Northguard.: Bk 1, Manifest Destiny. Illus., Gabriel Morrissette. Matrix Production/Caliber Press, 1989. (A collection of the periodical New Triumph Featuring Northguard, issues 1 to 5.)




The New Original Captain Canuck Ashcan Special # 1, 1998: “Captain Canuck: Utopia Moments, pt. 1.” Co-plotters, Mark Shainblum and Sandy Carruthers, Illus., Sandy Carruthers. Mini-comic format.

New Triumph Featuring Northguard,… “Northguard:…” Illus., Gabriel Morrissette. Let., Ian Carr. Matrix Graphic Series:…. Black & white.
1-1, 1985: “And Stand On Guard”: 1-24. 1-2, 1985: “Awaken The Dreamers”: 1-24.
New Triumph Featuring Northguard, …. “Northguard: Target Red Target Blue: …” Pen., Gabriel Morrissette. Let. Ian Carr. Matrix Graphic Series:…. Black & white.
1-3 1985: “Making Hate.” In., Jacques Boivin: 1-24.

1-4 1985: “Never Surrender.” In., Gabriel Morrissette & J. Harpes. 1-24.


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Northguard…. “Northguard: The ManDes Conclusion: …” Illus., Gabriel Morrissette. Matrix Production/Caliber Press:…. Black & white.
1, 1989: “Blood and Fire.” Let., Mario Beaulac.

2, 1989: “Fleur de Lys.” Let., Ron Kasman.

3, 1990: “ Scorched Earth.” Let., Ron Kasman.

Story graphic:

Quadrant, 1-2, no date: “Infinite Man: The Love of a Good Woman.” Plot & Pen., Gabriel Morrissette. In. & Let., Ron Kasman.

Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin, 1-4, March 1986: “Infinite Man: Who shall cry for Damocles: Chapter 1.” Pen. Gabriel Morrissette. In., David Day. Let., Ron Kasman: 1-9.

Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin, 1-5, October 1986: “Infinite Man: Who shall cry for Damocles: Chapter 2.” Pen. Gabriel Morrissette. In., David Day. Let., Ron Kasman: 1-8.

Jacques Boivin’s Love Fantasy, 1-1, May 1987: “Introducing Magicstone: Royal Con Interlude.” Co-illus., Gabriel Morrissette & Jacques Boivin. (An attempt at a serial?)


Content serial:

Drama Drama, 7, Jan. 2019: “Ares Unbound: Deicide Pt. 1” Illus., Steve LeBlanc. Via di Malcontenti. Colour



Interview text:

Orion, 1-1, Summer 1981: “Orion Interview: A Conversation with Richard Comely”: 16-22.

Orion, 1-2, 1982: “A Conversation with Gene Day”: 30-42.

Journalism text:

Orion, 1-1, Summer 1981:                                                                                                             “Captain Canuck: The Triumphant Return of the Canadian Hero”: 8-11.                           “The Captain Is Dead! Long Live The Captain.” Insert. An update that Capt.                      Canuck and CKR Publications both ended the day Orion 1-1 went to press.

chickaDEE….: “Daisy Dreamer…” Illus., Gabriel Morrissette. Col., Digital Chameleon. Batard Press Canada. Colour.
21-6, Sept., 1999: “An Elephant Never Forgets a Friend”: 28-29

21-7, Oct. 1999: “A Gila Monster Saves the Day”: 30-31.

21-8, Nov. 1999: “She Has Eyes Like a Hawk”: 30-31.

21-9, Dec. 1999: “The Walrus’ big trip in Nunavut”: 30-31.

22-1, Jan./Feb. 2000: “Look out there! It’s a Snowshoe Hare!”: 30-31.

22-2, Mar. 2000: “Daisy Has A Real Dog Day!”: 30-31.

22-3, Apr. 2000: “Daisy has some ferret fun!”: 30-31.

22-4, May 2000: “Can a hippo hold its breath underwater?”: 30-31.

22-5, Summer 2000:2: “Daisy the ostrich is built for speed!”: 30-31.

22-6, Sept. 2000: “Daisy is a champion cheetah!”: 30-31.

22-7, Oct. 2000: “Daisy the bat flies in the dark!”: 30-31.

22-8, Nov. 2000: “Daisy the Panda is on the move!”: 30-31.

22-9, Dec. 2000: “Daisy puts the writing on the wall!”: 30-31.

23-1, Jan./Feb. 2001: “a polar bear builds a snowy shelter!”: 30-31.

23-2, Mar. 2001: “Thoroughbred to the Rescue”: 30-31.



ANGLOMAN, “ARRET STOP”. Illus., Gabriel Morrisette. Hanes Heavyweight, 1996.



Content interview:

Comic Interview 19, Jan. 1985: “Arn Saba, Part 1.” 7-17.

Comic Interview 20, Feb. 1985: “Arn Saba, Part 2.” 12-23.

Comic Interview 83, 1990: “Bernie Mireault.” 54-63.



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