“Suburban Nightmares” was a team effort by Larry Hancock, Michael Cherkas and John van Bruggen. Like “Silent Invasion” and “New Frontier” it deals with U.S. society in the 1950’s. It also deals with similar issues American dream and how reality falls far short of it, government conspiracy against its citizens and the background fear of communism, the belief in flying saucers (a prevalent belief in the 1950’s) and always the underlying sense of menace.



Suburban Nightmares: The Science Experiment. N.B.M. Publishing Co., March 1990:              Content novel: Collected from Suburban Nightmares: 1-4. See below.                              Cover book front: Illus., Michael Cherkas.


Suburban Nightmares: Childhood Secrets. N.B.M. Publishing Co., October 1996:                      Content story: “Foster Child.” Writ., L. Hancock. Writ. & Illus., M. Cherkas.                                               “Mr. Ford.” Writ., L. H. Writ. & Illus., M. C. Layout Ch. 3, J. vB.                                           “Secrets.” Co-creat, L. H. & M. C. Assist, J. vB. Writ., L. H.                                                                Illus., M. C., In., Ch.1 & Layout Ch. 2, J.vB.                                Cover book front & back: Illus., Michael Cherkas.


Content story:                                                                                                                    All published by Renegade Press. All black & white.

“Be Home Before It Gets Dark.” Writ., L. Hancock. Illus., J. van Bruggen. Let., M. Cherkas.
The Silent Invasion, 7, May 1987: 25-31. Suburban Nightmares, 2 of 4, July 1988.
“Buster Takes A Nap.” Writ., Larry Hancock. Pen., John van Bruggen. In. & Let., Michael Cherkas:
The Silent Invasion, 5, December 1986: 25-31. Suburban Nightmares, 1 of 4, July 1988.
“For All We Know.” Plot, & Pen., J. van Bruggen. Writ., L. Hannock.. In., Bob Smith. Let., M. Cherkas.
The Silent Invasion, 9, September 1987. Suburban Nightmares, 4 of 4, August 1988.
“Just Another Joe.” Team, Hancock, van Bruggen, Cherkas.
The Silent Invasion, 8, July 1987: 25-31. Suburban Nightmares, 3 of 4, August 1988.
Suburban Nightmares…: “The Science Experiment…”. Co-creators, L, Hancock. M. Cherkas, J. Van Bruggan. Writ., L. Hancock. Pen., J. Van Bruggan. In. & Let., M. Cherkas. Renegade Press. Black & white.
1 of 4, July 1988: Pt. 1,”Welcome To Green Valley.”

2 of 4, July 1988: Pt. 2, “An Ill Wind Blows in Green Valley.”

3 of 4, August 1988: Pt 3, “Dark Secrets of Green Valley.”

4 of 4, August 1988, Pt 4, “The Fate of Green Valley.”

Suburban Nightmares …: “…” ….
1 of 4, July 1988: “June 1953.” Co-creators, L. Hancock & M. Cherkas. Writ., L. Hancock, Illus., M. Cherkas.

2 of 4, July 1988: “Suburban Blight.” Writ., L. Hancock, Pen., J. van Bruggen. In. & Let., M. Cherkas.

3 of 4, August 1988: “The Inheritance.” Co-creators, L. Hancock. & M. Cherkas. Writ., L. Hancock. Illus., M. Cherkas.

4 of 4, August 1988: “The 7:33.” Co-creators, L, Hancock. & M. Cherkas., J. van Bruggen  Writ., L. Hancock, Pen., M. Cherkas. In. & Let., J. van  Bruggen.

Cover front:

Suburban Nightmares. …. Renegade Press
1 of 4, July 1988. Illus., Michael Cherkas.

2of 4, July 1988. Illus., Michael Cherkas.

3 of 4, August 1988. Illus., John van Bruggen.

4 of 4, August 1988. Illus., Michael Cherkas.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\V\VAN BRUGGEN John Suburban Nightmares, 3 of 4, August 1988.jpg Illus., J. van Bruggen. Possible inks, M. Cherkas. Suburban Nightmares, 3 of 4, Aug. 1988: Front cover.