Difficult to say whether this Wizard King of Phagbilau who was paired with Arik Khan was created by Franc Reyes or by someone else. Franc Reyes did not participate in any of the stories. The writers were multiple, but  Tom Nesbitt created the story’s visual aspect. The periodical was published by Andromeda Publications Ltd.


PERIODICAL GRAPHIC:                                                                                                  Published by Andromeda Publications. Colour cover. Black & white interior.

Content serial & background information & Cover back:

 Arik Khan, 1-2, June 1978:                                                                                                         “Tales Of Subotai, Ch. 1: Rescue.” Writ., George Olshevsky. Illus., Tom Nesbitt:                 34-48.                                                                                                                               “A history”. Writ., Larsen: 33.

 Content serial & Cover front:

 Arik Khan, 1-3, June 1979:                                                                                                         “Subotai.” Plot, Ron Van Leeuwen. Writ., George  Olshevsky. Illus., Tom Nesbitt:              1-16.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON S\SUBOTAH, Arik Khan, 1-2, June 1978.jpg          “Subotan.” Illus., Tom Nesbitt. Arik Khan, 1-3, June 1979: Inside front cover.