van BRUGGEN John

van BRUGGEN John

Born 26 February 1940.

While working at Nelvana John met Arna Selznick who was the director of Nelvana’s 1985’s The Care Bears Movie. They were layout supervisors on its 1986 sequel. They married and organized dancingmonkeys a creative services company.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s he dabbled in graphic stories participating with Larry Hancock , Michael Cherkas in the ”Dick Mallett” and “Suburban Nightmare” series.

In 2004, John developed, wrote and co-directed with Arna, “Coolman!’ jazz-inspired five 5-minute shorts for Nelvana’s animated anthology series, FUNPAK. They appeared on YTV.

He wrote the script for Franklin and the Two Henry’s, and was nominated for a 2000 Gemini Award. In 2004, he received another nomination for a Gemini “Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series”, for Jacob Two-Two and the Purloined Hockey Card. He has written the script for the 2006 feature Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure.

In addition to writing for “Franklin” and “Jacob Two-Two” he has produced scripts for numerous television programs including “Babar”, “Stella and Sam”, “Justin Time”’ Rob The Robot”, “The Super 7”, “Busytown Mysteries, The Secret World of Benjamin Bear and the film version of Ashley Spire’s The Most Magnificent Thing.

He has directed among others, Beetlejuice, Franklin, Jim Henson’s Dog City (Gemini Best Animated Series Award), and Franklin and the Green Knight, a direct to DVD feature film.



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