Often uses the pseudonym “Salgood Sam”.

Born 15 September 1970

Max’s biggest influence was his family. His mother is Arna Selznick,his father Lionel Douglas (1944-1979) was a poet and photographer and his step father is John van Bruggen.

Although he studied art at Wexford Collegiate Institute now called Wexford Collegiate School For The Arts (Toronto) from 1985 to 1987 he was mostly self taught with help from mentors like Ron Sutton and Ty Templeton.

He started out freelancing. One effort from October 1990 to August 1991 was two and a half issues of Nature of the Beast in which he was co-creator with writer Al Roy and illustrated it under “Max Douglas”. He ended his participation when he refused to illustrate the gratuitous violence in the last half of the issue. While involved in this project he did a two month stint November to December in 1990 at Works of Imagination designing mutants and aliens for B movies, and in April 1991, he assisted penciller Dave Ross on Cloak & Dagger, 3-18, June 1991. Following his work with Dave, he became involved August to September 1991 designing creatures and drawing illustrations for the role playing game Mutation. Following this project he inked pencils for Marvel Comics completing again under “Max Douglas”, “Circle of Vengeance pt 3” which appeared in Clive Barker’s Night Breed 1-20, October 1992, and then inked the complete “The One That Got Away” in Night Breed 1-23, January1993. A job with DC Comics followed. He inked a black and white ten page “Bloodwynd” story ‘Hero of Choice’ that appeared in Showcase’94, 5, May 1994.

Back with Marvel Comics, he was asked to join the team producing Saint Sinner the flag ship of the four interconnected series in Clive Barker’s prestigious Razorline sub imprint. Again under “Max Douglas” he illustrated issues 1, October 1993 to 4, January 1994 and inked issue 5, February 1994.

When he was 20 Dave Ross hired him to ghost for him on an issue of Cloak and Dagger.

He started freelancing in his late teens and was working full time as a artist by age 21.

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