DISCOVERY PUBLICATIONS                                                                                            Location: 5706 Merrimac Road, Montréal Quebec.                                                            Owner/Publisher: Mark Shainblum.

This company, owned and operated by Mark Shainblum, published Orion, subtitled “The Canadian Magazine of Time and Space”, which was edited by Mark Shainblum.

The goal of Orion was to promote “…the growth and development of a Canadian comics and science-fiction industry.” In its first issue it promoted “Captain Canuck” which was the prominent Canadian hero at the time and featured an interview with Richard Comely. In the second issue it interviewed Gene Day (just before his untimely death) and featured two cartoon stories “White Thunder” by Geoff Isherwood, a serious hero adventure and “Captain Canduck” a spoof on the hero genre produced by John Bell and Owen Oulton . The magazine lasted only two issues.

It was in Shainblum’s plans to use Discovery Publications to publish “Northguard” the character created by him and Gabriel Morrissette, but eventually the character was published by Matrix Graphic Series.



Orion: The Canadian Magazine of Time And Space,1-1, Summer 1981. Ed., Mark Shainblum.

Orion: The Canadian Magazine of Time And Space, 1-2, 1982. Ed. , Mark Shainblum.