Sylvie Rancourt, cartooned this memoir about her life in Montréal as a nude dancer. She titled it “Melody”, her stage name.   Later she teamed up with illustrator Jacques Boivin to produce a series of periodicals which pushed the story back to her early life with her first husband Nick first in Abitibi, then brought it forward into Montréal.



Content memoir & Cover book front:

Archives Mélody 1à7. Car., Sylvie Rancourt. Les Éditions du Phylactère, 1989.

Melody: Story Of A Nude Dancer. Car., S. Rancourt. Trans., Helge Dascher. Drawn & Quarterly, June 2015.

Content memoir & Cover book front:

The Orgies Of Abitibi. Writ., & Layout, S. Rancourt. Translation, Finished art & cover illustration, J. Boivin. Kitchen Sink Press Inc. 1991. Collects the stories from the first four periodicals below.

PERIODICAL GRAPHIC:                                                                                                  All published by Kitchen Sink Press



Melody, 2, Oct. 1988: “Strip Club”:. .
“France: One of Melody’s Co-workers at Miracle Bar, 11 Feb. 1987.” Illus., Jacques Boivin.
No title. Illustrator listed below.:
Bernie Mireault.

Gabriel Morrisette.

Christine Laniel/88.

Vivian Katz/1988.

R, Walker/1988 (Omaha)
“Strip Club”: Melody, 5, Apr. 1990: No title: Illustrator listed below.:
Gabriel Morrisette

Zeronik/ Lausanne, Suisse, Juin ’88.

Sylvie Rancourt sketched Gabriel Morrisette and Jacques Boivin.

Eric Theriault/1989.

Mary Fleener/1988.

Dave Stevens/1955

Luc Giard/1989

Julie Doucet/1989.

Mark Schultz.


Melody…: “….:” …. Writ., & Layout, Sylvie Rancourt. Trans. & Finished art Jacques Boivin: 1-24.
1, May 1988: “Rural Routes, 1979”.

2, Mar 1988: “Lunatic Lola”.

3, Mar. 1989: “Sisters in Crime: Abitibi 1979”.

4, Sept. 1989: “Debauchery”.

Melody…: “….:” …. Writ., Sylvie Rancourt. Pen. Gabrielle Morrissette. Trans., Let., J. Boivin: 1-24.
5, Apr. 1990: “A Father’s Ire.” Ink Jacques Boivin.

6, Dec.. 1990: “Isoscelles.” Ink (1-9), Jacques Boivin. Ink (10-24) G. Morrissette.

7, Feb.. 1992: : “The Way Out.” Ink Jacques Boivin.

8, Jan. 1993: “Big City Welcome.” Ink, Jacques Boivin.

Melody, 10, 1995: “Birthnight.” Writ., S. Rancourt. Trans. & Illus., J. Boivin: 1-24.


Melody, 1, May 1988: “My dear Melody: 1985: A letter from an admirer.” Writ., unknown. Translated, visualized & Let., J. Boivin. Pen., Bernie Mireault. In., G. Morrisette. 26-31.

Melody, 3, Mar 1989: “Love Strip: 1988.” A letter in cartoon format Car., unknown. Adapted & illustrated by Gabriel Morrisette. Ed., & Let., Jacques Boivin. 26-32.

Melody, 4, Sept. 1989: 26-31: “Swingers, Sorrow: 1975 near Sarrela.” Writ., Sylvia Rancourt. Translation, Jacques Boivin. Illus., Gabriel Morrisette.

Melody, 6, Dec. 1990: “From the Bottom.” A letter May 1987.” Trans.& car. Jacques Boivin.

Melody, 10, 1995: “Esoterotica: Illus: Jacques Boivin: 26-32.                                                                         “The Vault of Smut.” Car., Jacques Boivin Back cover.



Melody,…: Illus., Jacques Boivin.
1, May 1988.

2, Oct. 1988.

3, Mar 1989.

4, Sept. 1989.

6, Dec 1990.

7, Feb 1992.

8, Jan. 1993.

10, 1995.

Wrap around:

Melody, 5, Apr. 1990: Illus., Jacques Boivin.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON M\MELODY, Melody, _0003.jpgMelody: Front cover. Illus., Sylvia Rancourt

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON M\MELODY, Melody, 7, Feb. 1992, fc.jpgMelody 7, Feb. 1992: Front cover. .Illus., Jacques Boivin.