Born 1959 in northwestern Québec.

She grew up in Abitibi. In 1976, she met her future husband Nick while looking for a job as barmaid in Club Sexi. She moved to Montréal in the early 1980’s where she performed as a nude dancer, first under her own name then Barbie and finally Mélody. While dancing she began cartooning and self-publishing stories for her clientele.

In 1985 Jacques Boivin discovered Stlvie’s stories and began collaborating with her who translated her stories into English and reworking the illustrations for the Anglophone market, in which were sold 126,000 copies.

A compilation of the original Melody stories, published by Ego Comme X, in France, was nominated for the Prix du Patrimoine at the 2014 Angouléme Comics Festival.

Sylvie returned to the Abitibi region and lives on a farm with her second husband and five children.



Content memoir & Cover book front:

Archives Mélody 1à7. Les Éditions du Phylactère, 1989.

Melody: Story Of A Nude Dancer. Trans., Helge Dascher. Drawn and Quarterly, June 2015.


PERIODICAL GRAPHIC:                                                                                                  Published by Kitchen Sink, cover colour, interiors black and white.

Content folio:

Melody, 5, Apr. 1990: Sketch of Gabriel Morrissette & Jacques Boivin.


PERIODICAL GRAPHIC:                                                                                                  All published by Kitchen Sink, cover colour, interiors black and white.



Melody, …: “…” Translation, inks & letters, Jacques Boivin, Pencils Gabrielle Morrissette: 1-24.
5, Apr.. 1990: “A Father’s Ire: Sylvia’s Abitibi 1979.”

6, Dec. 1990: “Isoscelles.” Trans., In. & Let. (1-9), J. Boivin. Pen. & In. (10-24) G. Morrissette:

7, Feb. 1992: “The Way Out.”

Melody, 10, 1995: “Birthright.” Translation & Illus., Jacques Boivin: 1-24.


Melody,4, Sept. 1989: “Swingers, Sorrow: 1975 near Sarrela.” Trans., J. Boivin. Illus., G. Morrisette: 26-31.



Content memoir & Cover book front & back:

The Orgies Of Abitibi. Trans. & finished art Jacques Boivin. Kitchen Sink Press Inc. 1991. Collects Melody issue 1-4.

PERIODICAL GRAPHIC:                                                                                                  All published by Kitchen Sink, cover colour, interiors black and white.

Content memoir:

Melody,…: “…” Translation & finished art, Jacques Boivin: …
1, May 1988: “Rural Routes: 1979”: 1-24.

2, Mar 1988: “Lunatic Lola.”: 1-24.

3, Mar 1989: “Sisters in Crime: 1-24.

4, Sept. 1989: “Debauchery”: 1-24.



Melody: Story Of A Nude Dancer. Car., Sylvaine Rancourt. Trans., Helge Dascher. Drawn & Quarterly, June 2015.

The Orgies Of Abitibi. Finished art J. Boivin. Kitchen Sink Press Inc. 1991: Back cover.

Article book:

“A Letter To Sylvie Rancourt.” Writ., Julie Delporte. Trans., Helge Dascher. BDQ: Essays & Interviews On Quebec Comics. Ed., Andy Brown. BDang/Conundrum, 2017: 66-71.

Article newspaper:

Globe & Mail, 20 June 2015: “Draw like no one’s watching.” Writ., Dean Rogers.  R21.

National Post, 27 June 2015: “The Lives of Nudie Girls and Women.” Writ., Emily M. Keeler. WP4.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON M\MELODY, Melody, 1989, fc.jpgMelody, front coverIllus., Sylvia Raincourt.  Les Éditions du Phylactère, 1989.

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\R\RANCOURT Sylvie, Melody, 5, Apr 1990.jpgMelody, 5, Apr. 1990: “Sketch.”  Illus., Sylvie Rancourt.