Born March 16, 1961 in Calgary Alberta, he married Wanda and has a daughter Cyan.

He started drawing and collecting comics at about the same age, 18 years. He sent out nearly 700 packages to publishers before he got his first job from Steve Englehart on Marvel/Epic’s Coyote, 11. He then worked on Invasion and D.C.’s Infinity Inc. which he left in 1987 to begin the Incredible Hulk. A highlight was Incredible Hulk 340 featuring “Wolverine”. His work on this series began his rise in popularity which continued to escalate when he took over Amazing Spiderman, the most popular issues being those that featured “Venom”. In 1990, McFarlane began an all-new Spiderman series which at the time was the best selling comic book issue of all time. It has since been surpassed.

His influences have been Rob Liefeld, Frank Miller, Wayne Gretzky and John Byrne.

He can rough out a page of artwork in about 20 minutes using non-reproduction blue pencil. However, he does little penciling, preferring to draw in ink with a Hunt’s mapping point 102 tip and black India ink. It takes him about four hours to complete a drawing.

He went on to create the popular superhero character “Spawn” which first appeared in a periodical of the same name published by Image Comics in May 1992. It expanded into books, live action film, animation and toys.






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1-307, Late Oct. 1988: “The Thief Who Stole Himself!”

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1-312, Feb. 1989: “The Goblin War!”

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Amazing Spider-man: Skating On Thin Ice. 1-1, 1990. (occurring in Winnipeg)

This periodical is one of a 5 issue Canadian series. The other issues are 1-2, 1990, Double Trouble occurring in Fredericton, 1-3, 1991, Hit and Run in Toronto, 1-4, 1992, Chaos In Calgary in Calgary and 1-5, 1993, Dead Ball in Montreal. The series was done in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and other participants. In addition to the American writers and artists, Canadians Todd McFarlane, Jim Craig and the Day Brothers contributed to the covers, while Craig pencilled issues 1-3 to 1-5, and the Day Brothers inked issues 1-4 & 1-5. See CRAIG Jim, DAY Dan and DAY David. The series was also issued in French. Marvel Comics then reprinted the first for issues of the series under reprint editor Glen Herdling who was also the editor of the last 2 issues of the original series. All of the issues of this series were all published Feb. 1993. None of the Canadian Associations were acknowledged.

Batman 423, Sept. 1988. DC Comics Inc.



Spawn: Wide Screen Collector’s Edition. VHS 65935 12542. Recorded from the film of the same name Produced by Clint Goldman. Directed by Mark A. Z.Dippé. Released 1 August 1997. Includes an interview with Todd McFarlane.


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C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON S\SPIDERMAN, the Amazing Spiderman, 1-2, Fe3. 1993, fc.jpg Strangely enough, this youngster in Winnipeg (Home of the Winnipeg Jets at that time) is wearing an Edmonton Oilers logo. Amazing Spider-man: Skating On Thin Ice. 1-1, 1990: Front cover.

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON S\SPAWN, Spawn, VHS, fc.jpg Cover of the VHS version of Spawn, from the lve action film of the same name.