The “Dick Mallett” character appears to have been initially created by Michael Cherkas who initially wrote the stories but was joined at the end of the series by Larry Hancock and John Ellis Sech.

Set in the 1940’s, “Dick Mallett” is a detective of the cynical hard boiled private eye with a soft heart genre. His foil is Police Inspector Henderson who as usual in such stories is the straight man. The stories, include a voice over account by Mallett. They are somewhat reminiscent of the “Boston Blackie” films and radio series which may have been the model for them.

In “the phantom jewel” story, the used book store owner is called “Captain George Leeuwen” which seems to be Cherkas’ combined tribute to Captain George Henderson the owner of Memory Lane and Ron Van Leeuwen owner of the Silver Snail, both nostalgia and comic book retail outlets in Toronto.

“Dick Mallett makes a reappearance support character in the Cherkas/Hancock graphic science fiction novel Silent Invasion.



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