This Nazi organization and its Canadian opposition the “Allied Enigmas” were both created by the Cloudscape Comics Group and thread through various stories in Epic Canadiana v.1 and Epic Canadiana v.2.

The Vril Brotherhood grew out of a Munich based group of occultists called the “Thule Society”, so named because of their belief in a legendary arctic city called “Thule” was which supposed to be the center of supernatural powers which would make Germany “Master of the World”. The “Thule Society” was disbanded in the 1920’s but was reorganized as the underground “Vril Brotherhood”. “Vril” refers to a mystic power.

Much of the success against the Vril Brotherhood was achieved by Prime Minister Mackenzie King and his “Shadow Cabinet” which was familiar with the supernatural. It was apparently destroyed by the “Allied Enigmas”. But was it?


Article book:

Epic Canadiana, v.1.Ed., Bevan Thomas. Cloudscape Comics Society, 2013: “Vril Brotherhood.” Writ., Bevan Thomas: 151.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON V\VRIL BROTHERHOOD, Epic Canadiana 1, 151.jpg                                                                                              Illus., Kamil Ginatulin. Epic Canadiana, v.1. 2013: 151.