CLOUDSCAPE COMICS SOCIETY                                                                                Location: Cloudscape Studio 5955 Ross Street, Vancouver, B.C.

It was founded in 2007 by Jeff Ellis to create a community for independent Vancouver creators. In 2008 Cloudscape released its first anthology Robots Pine Trees & Broken Hearts, which featured nine artists. Since then it has published: Historyonics, a collection of historically inspired stories; Funny Sunnies, a tribute to Sunday cartoon strips; Exploded Views, stories of the future; 21 Journeys, travel and self discovery; Giants of Main Street, fantasy and magic in an urban setting; Waterlogged: Tales From The Seventh Sea, an oceanic theme; Mega-Fauna, animal stories, and Epic Canadiana, superhero stories.

In 2012, the Society was accepted into the Vancouver Parks Board’s Artist Field House Studio Residencies Program. Through this Program the Society has participated in a number of arts events throughout the city and held graphic arts type exhibits.

It meets every Wednesday at 7:30pm on the second floor of the Memorial South Park field house.



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