STASUK Jordan 

Part of the Cloudscape Comics Society, he created a character called “Sonar” which was intended to be a serial but appeared in incomplete form only in Epic Canadiana volume 2, which itself was the end of the Epic Canadiana series.


PERIODICAL TEXT & GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                            All published by Cloudscape Comics Society.

 Content story:

 Epic Canadiana, v.2. Ed., Bevan Thomas. Oct. 2015: “The Unfathomable Sonar”: 121-130.

Waterlogged Tales From The Seventh Sea. June 2013: “The Balcony of Endless Days”: 51- 60.


Article book:

Epic Canadiana, v.2. Cloudscape Comics Society, Oct. 2015: “The Creators”: 237.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON S\SONAR, Epic Canadiana, 1, 2013, 147.jpg                          “Sonar.” Epic Canadiana, v.1. 2013: 147.