RAE George M.

RAE George Menendez.

He was born in New York apparently in 1906. this creator of “Canada Jack” and “The RCMP” signed his work as “Rae”, “Geo”, “Dez” and just plain “R”. He was a freelance artist who worked on magazines including Canadian pulps, books, trading cards and comic books. He is best remembered work his work with Educational Projects where he created “Canada Jack” and cartooned a series “RCMP” based events from the files of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. But he also drew covers for the White Circle imprint of Collins Sons & Co. two of which were B Diamond Ranch by Wade Smith and Take This Man by Maysie Grey. He is also known to have done a cover for the Canadian pulp Uncanny Tales published by A. Valentine.

Apparently Rae was not particularly enamoured with comic books, upon the cessation of Canadian Heroes he returned to the commercial art field and later went on to pursue a fine arts career. He became President of the Arts Club of Montreal. He later met and became friends with Adrian Dingle creator of “Nelvana”.

Rae died in April 1992.

WORK:                                                                                                                              All work published by Educational Projects, covers in colour, interiors black & white.



 Content history & Cover front & back:

 Action Stories of the Mounties. 1944. Stories collected from Canadian Heroes.




Canadian Heroes 2-6, Oct. 1943: “Frank “Shag” Shaughnesy: Canadian Father and Sportsman”: 59-63.


Canadian Heroes 3-1, Nov./Dec. 1943: “Canadian Dares Jungle For Bauxite”: 24-30.


Canadian Heroes…: “Our Fiction Feature: Canada Jack”: ….
1-6, Apr.1943: No title: 59-64.

2-3, July 1943: “In The Big Show”: 50-55.

2-6, Oct. 1943: “Kidnapped”: 53-58.

3-1, Nov./Dec. 1943: No title: 50-55.

3-3, Feb. 1944:  “In Building A Mighty Nation”: 35-41.

3-4, March 1944: “Talk Means Trouble”: 37-41.

3-5, April 1944: No title: 59-64.


 3-6, May 1944: No title: 49-53.

4-1, June 1944: “The Tough Guys”: 22-26.

4-2, July 1944: “Rehabilitation”: 33-37.

4-6, January 1945: “The Clean Up”: 41-45.

5-1, February 1945: No title: 49-53

5-3, June 1945: No title: 54-58.

5-5, September 1945: “Treasure Hunt”: 39-43.


Canadian Heroes…:  “The R.C.M.P.: …” Adapted  & Illustrated., George M. Rae: …
2-6, Oct. 1943: “The Case of the Idaho Kid”: 18-21.

3-4, Mar. 1944: “The Case of Ephraim & Peter”: 27-31.

3-5, Apr. 1944: “The Case of Bill Kurla, Mike Kula & Bill Millew”: 15-19.

3-6, May 1944: “The Case of the Foreign Consul”: 54-56.

4-2, July 1944: “The Heroism of Sub-Constable Sheppard”: 13-16.

4-6, Jan. 1945: “The Case of Robbery with Violence”: 54-57.

5-1, Feb. 1945: “The Case of Murder in the Yukon”: 14-17.

5-3, June 1945: “The R.C.M.P”: 5-8.

5-4, July 1945: “To The Rescue”: 26-29.


Canadian Heroes 4-6, Jan. 1945: “Lone Prowler Takes A Dare”: 7-11.





Canadian Heroes…: “…” ….
1-1, Oct. 1942: “Howie Morenz.” Writ., Ed Joseph: 42-46.

1-2, Nov. 1942: “Lieut.-Col. Charles Cecil Merritt. V.C.” Writ., D.G.: 1-2.

1-2, Nov. 1942: “James Naismith: The Inventory of Basketball.” Writ., Tassy: 13-16.

3-3, Feb. 1944: “Lord Baden-Powell: Chief Scout 1857-1941.” Writ., Harry J. Halperin. 7-11.

5-4, Sept. 1945: “D. C. Coleman: President of Canadian Pacific Railway.” Writ., S.R. Taviss. 7-10.

3-1, Nov./Dec. 1943: “Sir Wilfrid Laurier.” Writ., L.S.S.:1-5.

3-4, March 1944: “Bert ‘Yank’ Levy.” Writ., M.J.H.: 1-6. (Includes information on “ Guerilla warfare).

3-6, May 1944: “Major Paul Triquet: V.C. Fighting Major of the Van Doos.” Writ., B.W: 1-4.

3-6, May 1944: “Joe Malone: One of Canada’s Greatest Hockey Players. Writ., F.X.: 5-8.


Canadian Heroes…: “…” ….
1-2, Nov. 1942: “The Canadian Red Cross Society: Its Birth.” Writ., Betty Warshaw: 46-53

2-6, Oct. 1943: “The Red Shield: The Salvation Army.” Writ., Alan Knight: 27-30.

3-4 March 1944: “Victoria Rifles of Canada.” Writ., B.W.W.: 18-21.

5-3, June 1945: “A Skirmish With The Redskins.” Writ., Magdalena Egglestone: 25-27.


Canadian Heroes, 1-6, Apr.1943: “An interview with Canada’s World Champion: Walter Young.” Writ., D.S. Daniels (staff  reporter): 43-48.


Canadian Heroes…: “…” ….
2-6, Oct. 1943:  “Invasion of Italy.” Writ., Ray Winters: 1-4.

3-3, Feb. 1944: “Boy Scouts in Wartime.” Writ., F.K.: 1-6.


Canadian Heroes, 3-1, Nov./Dec. 1943: “The Horse.” Writ., Alice Fry: 41.


Canadian Heroes…: “R.C.M.P. …” ….
1-2, Nov. 1942: “The Story of the Northwest Mounted Police: The Case of Almighty Voice.” Adaptor., R.S.: 6-12.

1-6, Apr. 1943: “The Northwest Mounted Police: The Case of  Charcoal.” Adap., Zangy: 11-16.

2-3, July 1943: “The R.C.M.P.: The Case of the Hand-car trail.” Adap. Leison: 38-42.


Content essay:

Family Herald:  Canada’s National Farm Magazine, 15 June 1961: “Something In The Wind”. Writ., Lee Shelstad: 26.




Legend Swampy Cree:

Canadian Heroes 2-6, Oct. 1943: “How The Frog Got Hind Legs”: 43-46. Adapted from story in Swampy Cree Legends gathered and translated by Charles Clay. For a review of his book see  BOOKS YOU’LL LIKE about Charles Clay see CLAY Charles.


 Article book:

Guardians of the North: The National Superhero in Canadian Comic-Book Art. Writ.,  John Bell. Ottawa, National Archives of Canada, 1992. A catalogue for the exhibit of the same name.



C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\R\RAE George M. Canadian Heroes, 1-6, April 1943, 16.jpg “The Northwest Mounted Police: The Case Of Charcoal.” Canadian Heroes, 1-6, April 1943: 16. As the example above shows, George Rae mastered the elements of dynamic story telling from the beginning.

Although he is known primarily for “Canada Jack” and “The R.C.M.P”, in this story we see some of George M. Rae’s finest work.

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\R\RAE George M. Canadian heroes, 4-6, Jan. 1945, 7.jpg Canadian Heroes, 4-6, January 1944: 7

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\R\RAE George M. Canadian heroes, 4-6, Jan. 1945, 10.jpg Canadian Heroes, 4-6, January 1944: 10.

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\R\RAE George m. Action Stories of the Mounties, f.c..jpg Action Stories of the Mounties, Car., George M. Rae. Front Cover.

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\R\RAE George M. Canadian Heroes,5-1, Feb 1945, fc.jpg Canadian Heroes, 5-1, February 1945. Back cover. Evidence of another book by Rae.