MERKLEY Christopher “Merk”

Christopher as illustrator and Kurt Martell writer, are two Thunder Bay Ontario based artists who partnered to produce the graphic novel Nowadays. They take an unusual approach to the Zombie apocalypse genre by making the zombies individuals with personalities and judgement. Judith Legatt explores this approach in her essay listed below.

Christopher, before Nowadays partnered with Andrew Sookram and Matthew Jowett both based in Winnipeg to produce Victor’s Legacy. Since Nowadays, he has both written and illustrated Season Of The Dead Hours. Kurt Martell has since pursued other projects.


Article book:

Nowdays And The Free Will Zombie Apocalype.” Writ., Judith Leggatt. The Canadian Alternative: Cartoonists, Comics, and Graphic Novels. Ed., Dominick Grace & Eric Hoffman. University Press of Mississippi, 2018: 98-112.