Born in Karlovac Croatia, he moved with his family to Canada. He presently lives in Etobicoke Ontario.

In his childhood he listened to the folktales told by his mother and grandmother. His talent was recognized in grade 7 when his teacher asked him to draw Norse legends Thor and Loki. For this the teacher gave him two books, one on aliens and the other by Edgar Allen Poe. From there he moved on to doing posters and record albums for local bands which led to work on videos, in magazines and TV commercials. He moved into TV animation design and storyboard telling for programs like The Neverending Story, Rupert The Bear, Franklin The Turtle and George Shrinks.

In 2005 he illustrated his first children’s book Diary of a Fairy Godmother. He has since illustrated The Biggest Girl In The World, How To Tame A Bully, and Working Mummies.

His work has been exhibited at Gallerie Daniel Maghen in Paris France and Nucleus Gallery in Los Angeles U.S.A. among others.

He writes and illustrates a web print and multimedia project called The Happy Undertaker Mysteries.

He has participated in the 4 Panel Project, providing the experimental story “Apparitions: Three Leaves From A Witches Tree” in 4 Panel 2.




Content experiment:

4 Panel 2. 4 Panel Project, 2018: “Apparitions: Three Leaves From A Witches Tree.”


Article book:

4 Panel 2. 4 Panel Project, 2018: “Drazen Kozjan.”