C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE OF PERSON\L\LECOUILLIARD Steve, Una The Blade, 2016, bc.jpg                                              Una The Blade. 2016: Cover back.

This Coquitlam British Columbia resident is primarily known for the series of books based on his character “Much The Millar’s Son”. He works as an artist and supervisor in the animation industry. He has worked on projects like Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy and My Little Pony. He is a member of Cloudscape Comics Society.



BOOK GRAPHIC:                                                                                                            All self published.

Content serial & Cover book front:

 Much the Miller’s Son, v. 1: the good, the bad, and much. 2007.

Much the Miller’s Son, v. 2: The Archery Contest. 2009. 

Much the Miller’s Son, v. 3: Robin’s Seven or “Nobody’s Vault but Mine. 2011.

Much the Miller’s Son, the Doomsday Book. 2020. This book collects vols. 1-3 and adds vols. 4 & 5 plus a Guest Gallery.


 Content story:

 Historyonics: Stories Drawn From The Past. Cloudscape Comics, November 2008: “Much Miller’s Son”:   4-8



Content pin up:

 Exploded View, March 2010: No title: 187.

Content pin up & Cover book front & back:

Giants of Main Street. Cloudscape Comics, March 2012: No title: 148.



 Content Serial:

Una The Blade, Writ., Steve LeCouilliard. Cloudscape Comics, 2016.

“Child’s Play” Illus., Sloane Leong: 2-6.                                                                  “The Price of Loyalty. Illus., Steve LeCouilliard: 7-18.                                            “Alpha Male.” Illus., Simon Roy. Col., Steve LeCouilliard: 19-23.                            “Spore.” Illus., Chris Johnston: 24-28.                                                                    “Choices.” Illus., Steve LeCouilliard: 29-35.                                                            “Seed of Evil.” Illus., Claudia Aguirre: 36-40.                                                          “The Dreaming Tree.” Illus., Renee Nault: 41-45.                                                    “Fates.” Illus., Steve LeCouilliard: 46-50.                                                                “Bedtime Story.” Illus., Katie Shananhan: 51-55.                                                    “A Deadly Gamble.” Illus., Tess Fowler. Col., Steve LeCouilliard: 56-60.                “Nothing To Be Afraid Of.” Illus., Michael Stearns. Col., S. LeCouilliard: 61-65.


 Article book:

Much the Miller’s Son, the Doomsday Book. 2020: 263.

Una The Blade. Cloudscape Comics, 2016: “Steve Couilliard”: Cover back.

GALLERY: C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\L\LECOUILLIARD Steve, Giants of Main Street, 2012,_0001.jpgFrom back cover Giants of Main Street. March 2012.