KYLE J. Fergus

KYLE James Fergus

He usually signed “Fergus Kyle”

Born in 1876 in Hamilton Ontario.

He was a teenaged reporter with The News [Toronto]. He later became a cartoonist and news illustrator for the Globe [Toronto]. He also worked as a parliamentary reporter. At the turn of the century, his work appeared in Canadian Magazine, The Courier, and Saturday Night, and a humour magazine The Moon.

Kyle was unusual among Toronto cartoonists being a Liberal and strong supporter of Laurier. He drew several campaign posters for the party. When Borden came to power, Kyle became a strong critic of Borden’s policies.

He enlisted in 1916 and served in an artillery unit, where he suffered a foot injury during World War 1.

He later moved to The Toronto Star. His paintings in A Picture History of Canada suggests he was also comfortable painting in oils and was perhaps a book illustrator.

He died in 1941.




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10: The Vikings Discover America.

18: An Indian Village.

28: The Founding Of Montreal.

40: The Building Of The Griffen.

78: A Political Meeting In Lower Canada.

96: Sir Adam Beck Turning On The Hydro-Electric Current At Baden.

100: Airplane and Forest Fire.

102: Building The Motor Roads.


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