Mark Laliberte launched the 4 Panel Project with the participation of other artist friends as a supplement in Carousel magazine in 2012.

Four panels refer to the four panels of the newspaper cartoon strip which can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or as a square. Usually, since most of these strips are humorous, three panels lead up to the punch line in the fourth panel which concludes the strip. However, the fourth panel can also be a cliff hanger, as in an adventure strip, propelling the reader to continue to the next day’s strip.

Laliberte challenged a handful of his artist friends to explore and experiment with the different possibilities of this format which by its nature seemed to have only limited possibilities. The project which is showcased both online and in Carousel, has expanded to include many Canadian and international artists. In May 2016, the project was expanded with the publication of the first 4 Panel book which is the planned beginning of a series of annual publications.

The artists in the first two volumes were Mark Laliberte, Mark Connery, Jesse Jacobs, Anuj Shresttha, Jessica Bartram, Jonathon Dyck, Drazen Kozjan, Hartley Lin, Erik Nebel, Samplerman, Fiona Smyth. After words were provided by Sean Rogers and Barbara Postema. Many of these artists can be found in this encyclopedia under their own names.



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