Born, 1920 in Toronto.

As a young man he worked under Norman McLaren at the National Film Board where he made a number of shorts including Grim Pastures (1944), Three Blind Mice (1945), Cadet Rouselle with Colin Low (1946), and Family Tree with Evelyn Lambart (1950).. In 1949.

He and fellow N.F.B. alumni Jim McKay began one of Toronto’s first animation studios called Graphic Associates. This studio employed future big names like multimedia artists Michael Snow, Joyce Wieland and iconic animator Richard Williams. It was also a hangout for future journalist and television celebrity Pierre Berton and prominent television broadcaster Lister Sinclair.

He then worked briefly for United Productions of America (UPA), in New York before moving to London England in the mid 1950’s where he set up a studio for UPA to do animated commercials. He also produced a variety of feature work including The Wardrobe (1959), The Flying Man and The Apple both in 1962 . The Flying Man won first prize (then called the Grand Prix) at the 1962 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. In 1966, he did a BBC-TV animation series based on the Beatles, which led to the iconic film The Yellow Submarine (1968). Other films were Canada Is My Piano (1967) Moon Rock ((1970) and Along These Lines (1974)

He died 1979.


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