Pierre Berton should be remembered as the patron saint of the golden age of Canadian cartooning.”                                                                                                    Terry Mosher, editorial cartoonist and cartoon historian. (41)

An outstanding journalist, historian and editor, Berton early aspired to be a cartoonist. This aspiration he did not achieve but it led to him have great empathy for cartoonists and to become their most important champion. As editor of Maclean’s he gave George Feyer an outlet for his cartoons. As editor of the Star [Toronto] he hired Sid Barron. As editor of the Sun [Vancouver], he hired Len Norris. Through him as editor of Maclean’s a young Duncan Macpherson was hired as an illustrator. Later as editor of the Star [Toronto] Berton hired him for that paper where he became Canada’s greatest editorial cartoonist..


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