ATWOOD Margaret

ATWOOD Margaret

Margaret Atwood, poet and novelist drew occasional cartoons for This Magazine under the pseudonym “Bart Gerrard”.

About 2014, Atwood did a story “Comics, Paper Dolls, Glasses, Contacts” for Hope Nicholson’s book The Secret Loves of Geek Girls. From this meeting Hope introduced Margaret to illustrator Johnnie Christmas and publisher Dark Horse to help Margaret with another story she had in mind. The result was the serial Angel Catbird. This project was published in Association with the “Keep Cats Safe” and “Save Bird Lives” initiatives of Nature Canada, which at over 75 years is Canada’s oldest national nature conservation charity.

In 2017, as part of the Globe & Mail’s “The Story Of Canada” fictional series commemorating our sesquicentennial, Margaret Atwood wrote “Oursonette”. Art Director Bryan Gee was looking for an illustrator for the story when art historian Jaleen Grove, who was originally from Victoria and knew Ken Steacy, suggested he would be a good fit. Ken not only illustrated the piece – he and Margaret expanded and reworked it into the graphic novel Warbears.




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