Born in Porto Rico, he was raised in Miami in the U.S. then migrated to Vancouver in 2009.

He was influenced by Jaime Hernandez creator of Love and Rockets, and Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira, a Japanese manga series.

He was noted for his work on Sheltered an Image Comics series, and has worked with writer Margaret Atwood on the Angel Catbird serial for Dark Horse Publishing. .



BOOK GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                                                    Published by Cloudscape Comics Society.

Content story:

Exploded View. March 2010: “Aquanaut Zero”: 134 -143.

Giants of Main Street. March 2012: “Le Femmes de Popenguine”: 13-22.

Journeys. June 2011: “Garden Footpaths”: 21 33- 40.


BOOK GRAPHIC:                                                                                                            Published by Dark Horse Books/Dark Horse Comics Inc.

Content portrait:

Kill All Monsters. July 2017: “Pin Up Gallery”: 367.

Content novel & Cover book front :

Angel Catbird …. Writ., Margaret Atwood. Col., Tamra Bonvillain. Let., Nate Piekos of Blambot.
v. 1. September 2016.

… v. 2, To Castle Catula, February 2017.

… v. 3: The Catbird Roars, July 2017.

Content story & Cover book front & back:

Alien 3. Writ., William Gibson. Col., Tamra Bonvillain. August 2019.


Article newspaper:

Globe & Mail, 22 Jan. 2016: “B.C. comic artist pairs with Margaret Atwood for Angel Catbird series.” Writ., Ian Bailey.