VIA DI MALCONTENTI                                                                                                      Location: Toronto.                                                                                                            Owner: Steven Leblanc.                                                                                                      Contributor: Steven LeBlanc.                                                                                              Characters: Honey, Jaz, Pearl.

A company was organized by Steven LeBlanc to publish his work. The name which literally means “because of discontent” comes from an actual street in Florence Italy. In early days prisoners were taken here to be executed. For Steven the significance comes from his own early days when he was a painter and residing in Florence (1992-1995).  He used the letters VdM under his signature. Malcontent is a person who is not satisfied with current circumstances which as Steven has said rather accurately represented his feelings at the time. (Email 8 Jan. 2019).


The Lost Island of Dreams. June 2013.


Hogtown Jaz: “The Perfect Fall Guy.” Editor, Dave Darrigo. Cartoonist, S. LeBlanc..
1 of 4, May 2005. 2 of 4, Jan. 2006: 3 of 4, Feb. 2006. 4 of 4, Mar. 2006.
Drama Drama. Cartoonist, S. LeBlanc.
1, 2008. 2, Oct. 2009. 3, Apr. 2011. 4, Feb. 2012. 5, Sept. 2014 6, Oct. 2015.

Turista Menu, Cartoonist & Illustrator, S. LeBlanc. Jan. 2007.