Based on the classic short story The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, this National Film Board film was animated by Sheldon Cohn. It won 15 international awards including a British Academy Award.

It is based on Carrier’s experience as a child in Sainte-Justine, Québec. Roch and his friends are fans of the Montréal Canadiens and its star player Maurice Richard and so they all wear Montréal Canadiens’ sweaters with Richard’s number 9 on the back. Roch’s old sweater has worn out and so his mother orders a new sweater from Eaton’s Department store in Toronto. Eaton’s mistakenly sends him a sweater of the Toronto Maple Leafs. To avoid sending it back his mother insists that he wear it to the game. He of course then faces the antagonism of his classmates and is ejected from playing by his coach.


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