STAR RIDER PRODUCTIONS LTD.                                                                                  Location: 5707 Burleigh Crescent S.E. Calgary Alberta.                                                  Owner/Publisher: Richard Comely.

Contributor: Richard Comely, Ric Estrada, Royston Evans, Tom Grummett.

Character: Komputor Keene (J.C. Keene), The Peace Machine (Jordan Powers) Star Rider ((Ryan Haney) Steel Chameleon.

Richard Comely created this company after the collapse of “Captain Canuck” and CKR Productions about March – April 1981. It was a vehicle to publish Star Rider and The Peace Machine which appeared on the stands July 1982, and ended with issue October 1982.

Comely cartooned “Star Rider and The Peace Machine, and wrote “The Raft” which Tom Grummett illustrated, and “Steel Chameleon” which Royston Evans illustrated. Ric Estrada cartooned “Komputor Keene”. The periodical was directed at the U.S. market as all of the characters were American. “The Raft” was a story of eastern Canadians fleeing to the U.S. to escape a communist takeover. Lasting only two issues, none of the stories develop. One final note, Comely writes a conspiracy essay “The Great Conspiracy: The Communist-Super Capitalist alliance; The most dangerous phenomena of our time.” Which is based on books by other authors. The graphic stories in Star Rider and The Peace Machine, all appear to be based on this theory.



Star Rider and The Peace Machine, 1-1, July 1982.

Star Rider and The Peace Machine, 1-2, October 1982.


Article periodical:

Orion, 1-2, 1982: “Comely’s Conspiracy, OR, Power Makes Strange Bedfellows.” Writ., Christopher Broadbent: 8-9.