Among the six creations appearing in Le Jour on February 28, 1974, Hurtubise’s own creation “Le Sombre Vilain” was signed with the pseudonym “Zyx”. It followed the various schemes of a comic opera conspirator whose goal was the total destruction of the world. The paper lasted as a daily only to 1976. “Le Sombre Vilain” was the only strip to be brought back when the paper was revived as a weekly in 1977, but the paper again ceased operations in 1978.

Hurtubise’s very stylized and modern graphics and his caustic sense of humor put “Le Sombre Vilain” in the forefront of Francophone Canadian comics. Jacques Samson has noted “Hurtubise has managed to achieve a synthesis between text and image possibly unique in Francophone Canadian comic art.”



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C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON S\SOMBRE VILAIN [LE] , Mort ou Vif, fc .jpg From, Le Sombre Vilain: Mort Ou Vif, Front cover.