Sinnott News Co. Ltd., owner of Anglo-American Publishing Co. was a southern Ontario periodical distribution company.

In 1905 Thomas Sinnott with his family including Harold Sinnott migrated to Toronto from London England. Here Tomas was employed by Imperial News UK Ltd, an English company wanting to grow its business in Canada. In 1909, Tom Sinnott was given a 20% interest in the company and under his leadership it became Toronto’s first periodical distributer. .

In 1912, Harold Sinnott at 15 years joined the business as Curtis Distribution Co. transferred its Toronto magazine franchise to Imperial News UK. In 1933 at the age of 36 years Harold Sinnott took over the business from Tom Sinnott. In 1937, he reorganized Imperial News UK Ltd. And renamed it Sinnott News Co. By 1946, Sinnott News was also distributing pocketbooks

In 1962 Harold Sinnott retired. Following Sinnott’s retirement, the company was involved in a series of takeovers and mergers that ultimately became today’s (2015) Metro News.