This cartoonist for the Evening Telegram [Toronto] was born in Toronto in 1872. At age fourteen years, he began as a printer’s devil at the Evening Telegram and later became a cartoonist there for sixty-two years. He was elected to the Toronto City Council in 1923 and to the Ontario Provincial Legislature in 1926.

A staunch Conservative, he was critical of both Laurier for his failure to build a Canadian navy in support of Britain and his Reciprocity Bill and of William Lyon Mackenzie King. He produced a booklet of cartoons highly critical of Mackenzie King’s “five cent speech, during the 1930 federal election. He visited Britain in 1910, where he watched and cartooned the Parliamentary debate over the veto power of the House of Lords. Shields signed his cartoons with a graphic of one shield in the shadow of another.

He died in 1952.


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