ROBERTSON David Alexander

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE OF PERSON\R\Robertson David A. 7 Generations; Scars, 2010, bc_0002.jpg                                    7 Generations, Bk., 2: Scars. 2010: Back cover.

This Winnipegger has focused on indigenous history and current issues. His first graphic novel The Evolution of Alice won the On The Same Page award in 2016. He has written two series: 7 Generations and Tales From The Big Spirit. He won a Governor General’s Literary Award for When We Were Alone. Other titles in addition to those below are Will I See? And Strangers.

His work has appeared in the literary periodicals CV2 The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing and Prairie Fire: A Canadian magazine of new writing. He has appeared on CBC, CTV and the specialty channel APTN.



BOOK GRAPHIC:                                                                                                              Illustrator Scott B. Henderson & published by HighWater Press/Portage & Main Press.



Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story. 2011.


Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story. 2015.


7 Generations:…. Colour cover, black & white interior.
Bk., 1: Stone. 2010.

Bk., 2: Scars. 2010.

Bk.,3: Ends/Begins. 2010.

Bk., 4:The Pact. 2011.

7 Generations: A Plains Cree Saga. 2012. The 4 books above collected. Colour cover & colour interior.


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