Through “Particle Man” Ramon Perez has created a delightful world of fellow superheroes “The Canadian” and “G. I. Gerussi” against the super villainous “Group Of Seven” including “Purple Reign”, “Le Bouclier”, “Loon”, “Land-Phil”, “Madame Équerre” & “Doctor Schrödinger”.

In the first story, school boy Daniel Atom by turning into “Particle Man comes to the aid of “The Canadian” fighting “Purple Reign” and “Le Bouclier”. He accomplishes this through a ring he got in a Kinter Egg and by saying “Particle Ring Do Your Thing!” Perez sets the stage for this transformation, through the teacher giving a science lesson about rearranging protons and electrons. This is probably the shortest origin story in superhero history. At the end of the story “The Canadian” and probably other superheroes decide to take “Particle Man” seriously.

The second story, “Trash Talk” involves a conflict between “Particle Man” and “The Loon” assisted by “Land-Phil”. Yes there are ecological overtones. Again how “Particle Man” saves the day is preceded by a small science lesson describing how water needs an impurity in it before it can freeze.

The lightheartedness of these stories but perhaps even more the sly references like “G. I. Gerussi (is he referring to actor of Beachcombers Bruno Gerussi?) or more obviously naming the super villain group after Canada’s iconic “Group of Seven” make them fun to read.



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