O’REILLY Sean Patrick

O’REILLY Sean Patrick

Born: 26 November 1974 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

This Coquitlam teacher became a graphics writer and founder of Arcana Studios (2004) a publisher and animation studio He has several degrees and teaches college level courses in Vancouver.

He has written graphic novels Kade, Ezra, The Gawaii, The Steam Engines of Oz Pixies and Se7en.

Kade: The Original Sun was published in 2005, and became the first of a series of six novels. It has since been published in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish. He co-wrote Clockwork Girl with Kevin Hanna and in 2008, it was awarded The Moonbeam Children’s Book Gold Medal, and Graphic Novel Of The Year at Book Expo America. In 2009 he again won the Moonbeam Children’s Book Gold Medal for The Gawaii. For the U.S. publisher Capstone, he wrote a six book series Mighty Mighty Monsters.

As Arcana’s catalogue grew to an enormous 300 titles, Sean in 2012 added an animation division to further develop these properties. The first feature was a development of The Clockwork Girl which was done in conjunction with Legacy Films and Luximation Films also of Burnaby. The second was a television series which Sean directed. Kagagi: The Raven was cartooned by Jay Odjik and first published by Arcana. The first independent feature was Pixies written and directed by Sean. This pattern has been continued with the Howard Lovecraft series.



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