ARCANA STUDIOS                                                                                                          Location: 31-8650 Cinnamon Drive, Burnaby British Columbia.                                        Owner/Publisher/Producer: Sean Patrick O’Reilly.

Arcana Studios was founded in 2004 by Sean Patrick O’Reilly. It evolved into a Canadian publishing powerhouse with 300 titles covering graphic novels and factual pieces, plus short run serials, Its products have been translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish Greek, Polish.

One of their first series was Kade: Original Sun which first appeared in 2005. Followed by six more titles. Clockwork Girl appeared in 2008 co-authored by Sean O’Reilly (writer) and Kevin Hanna (illustrator) It was awarded The Moonbeam Children’s Book Gold Medal, and Graphic Novel Of The Year at Book Expo America. In 2009 The Gawaii. cartooned by Sean won another Moonbeam Children’s Book Gold Medal.

In 2012, Sean opened an animation division to develop the properties Arcana had published. The first feature was The Clockwork Girl directed by Kevin Hanna, which was done in conjunction with Legacy Films and Luximation Films also of Burnaby. The second was a television series which Sean directed. Kagagi: The Raven was cartooned by Jay Odjik and first published by Arcana. Arcana’s first completely in house feature was Pixies written and directed by Sean. Paradox (2010) is Arcana’s only live action film. It as well is based on a graphic novel published by Arcana. Animated features Howard Lovecraft: and the Frozen Kingdom (2016) and Howard Lovecraft: and the Undersea Kingdom (2017) based on graphic novels by Bruce Brown published by Arcana, both feature the voice of the great actor Christopher Plummer as “Dr. Herbert West”.




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