NORTHERN STAR PRESS                                                                                              Location: P.O. Box 3174 South, Halifax, Nova Scotia.                                                        Editor: John Bell, Alain Chabot.

Contributors: John Bell, Alain Chabot, John Charette, John Robert Colombo, Larry Dickenson, Gene Day, George Freeman, Jack Gaughan, Rand Gaynor, Donald M. Grant, Tim Hammell, Roy Krennel, Cathy Hill, Spider Robinson, Derek Sarty, Charles Saunders, Dave Sim, Norbert Spehner

Alan Chabot and John Bell created this company to publish Borealis a magazine of science fiction, fantasy and cartooning.

In 1975 Chabot had thought of the title and attempted to start the magazine, but it wasn’t till 1976 that a fortuitous meeting with John Bell at Halycon 1 – the first Halifax SF Convention created a partnership that brought the magazine to publication. The first issue appeared in the Summer of 1978. Shortly after the first issue Chabot left. John Bell tried to carry on alone but Borealis 1-2 Spring 1979 was the last issue.



Borealis, 1-1, Summer 1978.

Borealis, 1-2, Spring 1979.


Article periodical:

Borealis, 1-1, Summer 1978: “Two Solitudes.” Writ., John Bell.: 4-5.

Borealis, 1-2, Spring 1979: “One Solitude.” Writ., John Bell. 4.