“Lady accident” is part of the “Pitiful Human-Lizard” community created by Jason Loo. We are gradually introduced to who will become “Lady Accident” from the first issue of Pitiful Human-Lizard where she is an unnamed participant, to the third issue where she emerges complete as Barb Martins a fourth grade teacher, that has the mind powers and that she is the one that really destroyed the monster worm, and defeated “Rabb The Malevolent” in the previous issues.

She is principal character in one sequence of stories involving a conflict with “Eaton Peepers”. It begins as a backup story “Barb” in issue 3, continues in issue 4, then switches to the main feature in issue 5 where she is joined by “Pitiful Human Lizard” ,    “Majestic Rat” and “Mother Wonder”, and returns as the only super hero in the issue 14 conflict. In addition she is a main character, a support character, or simply makes a cameo appearance in several stand alone stories.





Pitiful Human-Lizard …: “Lady Accident.” Car., Jason Loo. Loo Harvest Group
3, February 2015:  “Barb.” Backup feature. Loo Harvest Group

5, August. 2015: “All Together Now.”  Main feature. Loo Harvest Group


Pitiful Human-Lizard…: “Lady Accident.” Car., Jason Loo. Chapterhouse Comics Group.
1, September 2015: “Lucky Lizard.” Cameo role. Main feature.

2, October 2015: “Date Night.”. Support character Main feature.

4, Dec. 2015: “Barb In The Electrical Pawn Of Eaton Peepers.” Backup feature.

6, Feb. 2016: “Shopping For Trouble.” Main character. Backup feature.

9, August, 2016: “School Talk.” Support character. Main feature.

11, December 2016: “All New Back At It Again” Main character. Backup feature.

10, May 2017: “Street Confessions”. Cameo role. Main feature.

14, June 2017:  “Johnny’s Back.” Main feature. Chapterhouse Comics Group

Cover front: 

Pitiful Human-Lizard …. Illus., Jason Loo. Chapterhouse Publishing Inc.
2, October 2016. 9, August, 2016. ( As Barb Martin). 10, October 2016. 14, June 2017.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON L\LADY ACCIDENT, The Pitiful Human Lizard, `14, .jpgThe Pitiful Human Lizard, 14, June 2017: Lady Accident in her own costume.

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON L\LADY ACCIDENT, Pitiful Human Lizard, 10.jpgThe Pitiful Human Lizard, 10, October 2016: Front cover.                                                Lady Accident using Human Lizard’s costume.