Born in Yugoslavia. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb Croatia.

From 1984 to 1987, he cartooned the graphic novel Smoggy Boy which was published in Denmark, Germany, Italy and Spain. In 1984, he illustrated “Bucky O’Hare” for issues 1 to 4 for the periodical Echo of Future Past published by U.S. company Continuity. In 1987 he created “Sarrat” for the same series.

From 1992 to 2003, he worked as Senior Concept and Production Designer on a number of animated television series for Nelvana. At the same time, he did editorial work 1992 through 2003 for newspapers like the Toronto Star, Eye, Toronto Computes, New York Times. For a short time in 1994, he illustrated “Mighty Mites” for Owl magazine .In 1998. He was Senior Concept and Production Designer on Sam & Max Freelance Police which won a Gemini Best Animated Series Award.

In June 2007, he founded Square Pupils Studio and has worked as a production designer on feature films Company and Dead Silence (2007), Outlander (2008), Tales of the Black Freighter (2009). He was a concept artist for Star Trek Discovery (2017-2018) and in 2018 the live action television series Shadow Hunters, Umbrella Academy and television movie Playing Dead.

From 2008 to 2013, he was Art Director at ToonBox Entertainment Toronto where he was involved in animated feature films like Bolts & Blip: Battles of the Lunar League (2010). Nut Job, (2014) and Spark. Over 2006 to 2007, he was Production Designer at Red Rover Inc. Toronto. From 2007 to 2008 he was an instructor at The Mutt Animation School




Content information & adventure:

Owl …: “Mighty Mites…” Co-car., Goran Delić & Harold Eastman. Colour.
19-1, January 1994: “… Caterpillar Pop”: 18-21. Caterpillar & ant help each other.

19-3, March 1994: “… A Little Egg-stra Warmth”: 18-21. Encounter with Penguins.

19-4, April 1994: “… Three’s A Crowd”: 24-227. Encounter with Lemmings.

19-5, May 1994: “… Sand Sampler”: 24-24. Encounter with Mallee Fowl eggs.

19-6, Summer 1994: “… Glider Trouble”: 24-27. Encounter with Sugar Glider, New Guinea.



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