Pseudonym “Delaf”

Born 9 October 1973 in Sherbrooke, Québec.

From about the age of twelve when reading magazines like Le Journal de Spirou (Franco-Belgian) and Fantasie he wanted to be a cartoonist. He met Maryse Dubuc at the Rolling Stone bar in Sherbrooke when they were both taking a Richard Langois class on cartooning.

After university he has worked in animation on the Caillou series, and illustrated text books. Then at a request from Safarir he and Maryse partnered to create “Les Nombrils” (“Bellybuttons”).


Article book:

The Canadian Alternative. University Press of Mississippi, 2018: “Vicky”: Writ., Annick Pallegrin. 83-97.

Article newspaper:

La Presse, 12 Nov. 2013: Delaf et Dubuc: les nombrils du monde.”.