Pseudonym “Delaf”

Born 9 October 1973 in Sherbrooke Québec.

From about the age of twelve when reading magazines like Spirou and Fantasie he wanted to be a cartoonist. He met Maryse Dubuc (See DUBUC Maryse) at the Rolling Stone bar in Sherbrooke when they were both taking Richard Langois class on cartooning.

After university he has worked in animation on the Caillou series, and illustrated text books. Then at a request from Safarir he and Maryse partnered to create “Les Nombrils” (“Bellybuttons”). See NOMBRILS [LES].


Article book:

“Vicky.” Writ., Annick Pallegrin. The Canadian Alternative. University Press of Mississippi, 2018: 83-97.

Article newspaper:

:Delaf et Dubuc: les nombrils du monde.” La Presse, 12 Nov. 2013.