DUBUC Maryse

DUBUC Maryse

Born 21 October 1977 in Compton Québec.

She studied psychology at the University of Sherbrooke and communications at Université du Québec à Montréal. She then worked as a colourist for Vents d’Ouest and Éditions les 400 coups. At the same time she wrote youth novels published by Bayard Canada and Éditions Pierre Tisseyre.

She met Marc Delafontaine who later became her husband, at the Rolling Stone bar in Sherbrooke when they were both taking Richard Langlois course in cartooning. After following separate career paths for a time, they partnered to create “Les Nombrils” (“Bellybuttons”).


Article book:

The Canadian Alternative. University Press of Mississippi, 2018: “Vicky.” Writ., Annick  Pallegrin: 83-97.

Article newspaper:

La Presse, 12 Nov. 2013:Delaf et Dubuc: les nombrils du monde”.