Pat Dingle wife of Adrian Dingle wrote this detective story which featured a father and son detective team. It appeared in Triumph-Adventure Comics. Clues to solve the mystery were placed throughout the story. At the end the reader was asked to solve the mystery before the answer was given.

“Clue Catchers” ended with Triumph Adventure Comics, 1-6 when Hillborough Studio was absorbed by Bell Features.


PERIODICAL GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                                          Published by Hillborough Studio. Black & white. “Pat C.” was the pseudonym that included both Pat Dingle as writer and Adrian Dingle as illustrator.

Content serial:

Triumph Adventure Comics …: “Clue- Catchers …” Car., Pat C: …
1-1, Aug.1941: “…Death At The Galaxy.” …: 40-49 (upper half).

1-2, Sept. 1941: “…” …: 54-62.

1-4, Nov.1941: “…” …: 18-22. Based on story submitted by Fred Butland of Fredericton, N.B.

1-5, Jan.1942: “…” …: 1-10.

1-6, Feb. 1942: “…the Maniac’s Revenge.” …: : 44-53. (upper half).


CLUE CATCHERS, Triumph, 1-1, AugTriumph Adventure Comics, 1-1, Aug. 1941: 40. Illus., Adrian Dingle.

CLUE CATCHERS, Triumph, 1-4, NovTriumph Adventure Comics, 1-4, Nov. 1941: 22. Illus., Adrian Dingle.

CLUE CATCHERS, Triumph, 1-6Triumph Adventure Comics, 1-6, Feb. 1942: 46.  Illus., Adrian Dingle.


Article periodical:

Now and Then Times, 1-2, Oct.1973: “A conversation with Adrian and Pat Dingle and Bill Thomas.” Writ., Dave Sim: 27+.