This family doctor’s first book was a small text novel called Saga Of A Star Stallion published by Carleton Press in New Brunswick in 1973. This was followed in 1981 by a graphic novel illustrated by Mary Ann Oulton called Star Destroyer, published by Larsen Offset Printing also in New Brunswick. It told of a dystopia set in the U.S.

In 1984 she first conceived the idea for “Dragon’s Star” . It involved a future human galactic utopia that over thousands of years through human greed degenerated into a dystopia of warfare and human near annihilation caused by one of the races, the “shonn” which humans had genetically created. Humans were saved by another race the “Hybrids” combining the characteristics of the “shonn” with those of the “human”. They were created by the “Star Destroyer” a machine/computor which humans had also engineered. The “hybrids” race stood between “shonn” and “human” but had its own agenda. Warfare continued. Within this world Chandra a fourteen year old human and Marrik a Draconis sapiens have their adventures and intrigues.

The concept began to be realized at a Maplecon in Ottawa where Mary Ann met Mark Shainblum (See

SHAINBLUM Mark) through Deni Sim (See LOUBERT Deni). Through Mark, Mary Ann met Ian Carr (See CARR Ian) and the team for ‘Dragon’s Star” was established and its publisher in place. What followed were 3 issues of the periodical Dragon’s Star published from the beginning of 1987. Clearly the series was to go beyond three issues. The fourth was to be “The Camberra Connection” but Matrix Graphic Series (See MATRIX GRAPHIC SERIES/MATRIX BOOKS) ceased operations.

In 1989 Caliber Press in Michigan picked up the series and published in a book, the stories and background from the three Matrix periodicals plus the unpublished fourth issue plus two more chapters to round out the novel. Caliber followed this with the first issue of a new periodical called Dragon’s Star 2, January 1994, this time illustrated by Walter Simonson. There were plans to publish a second issue, but it is uncertain whether this happened.

About the same time Caliber published another Bramstrup story, illustrated by Patrick Zircher in a periodical Triarch 1, January 1990. It as well was to be followed by a second issue which it is also uncertain whether it appeared.

In 2000 Mary Ann back in New Brunswick apparently gave up her practice as a family physician in Fredericton, but appears to again be a family doctor in Nackawic New Brunswick in 2009.






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C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\C\CARR Ian, Dragon's Star Dec.,Jan. 1987, fc.jpg

Merrik Hawthorne , a Daconis, Jeremy Hawke, a Hybrid, Chandra, a 14 year old. Illus Ian Carr. Dragon’s Star, 1-1, Dec./Jan. 1987