Born 1962 in Ottawa.

He was raised in Ottawa where he studied one year at the High Scholl of Commerce. The school where Doris Slater/Titus was art director 1960 to 1964. Otherwise, he is self-taught, inspired by the fantasy art of Boris Vallejo and Frank Fra zetta.

From 1980 he has been a freelance artist illustrating books, periodicals, games etc. . Beginning in that year he did 13 covers of Dragon for the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

In 1981 Barry Blair of Aircel Comics partnered him with writer Gordon Derry to brainstorm ideas. The result was Warlock 5 which ran for 13 issues. This effort led Dark Horse Comics Inc. to invite him to participate in the Aliens franchise. In 1989, he won the Eagle Award for “Favourite Comic Book Cover” for Aliens 2-1 (of4). His work with Dark Horse continued as he produced covers for Predator, Star Wars, etc. These efforts led to Denis creating a graphic novel version of Universal Pictures classic 1931 film Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff.

In 1992, he expanded into the illustration of trading cards including 150 for a card game Guardians. At this time he came into contact with a close associate and friend Keith Parkinson.

In 1999, he was approached by Cinematix Studios to do some concept illustrations from their game The Revenant. This became the event that launched him into a full-time career in 3D modeling.

In 2003 he was invited to San Diego to become Senior Character Artist in Sigil Games Online, a company founded by Keith Parkinson and former Sony CEO Brad McQuaid. He accepted and in December 2003, he moved from Ottawa to San Diego California. Unfortunately, 26 October 2005, Keith died of leukemia and the company closed. Shortly after Denis moved to Vancouver and resides there presently (2019).



 Content novel & Cover book front & back:

 Warlock 5, Writ., Gordon Derry. Outland Entertainment, 2020. Contains the episodes done by Gordon and Denis for Warlock 5 issues 14 & 15 that Aircel did not publish.


Content serial & Cover front:

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Content story & Cover front & back:

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Content story & Cover wraparound:

Aliens, 2-3 (of 4), Mar. 1990. Dark Horse Comics Inc. All colour.


Cover front:

Dragon,…: Dragon Publishing/TSR Inc.
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C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\B\BEAUVAIS Denis, Dragon,92, fc.jpg“Bridge of Sorrows.” Dragon, 92 (IX-7), Dec. 1984. Front cover.

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\B\BEAUVAIS, Denis, Dragon 118, fc.jpg“The Draw.” (A self portrait by Beauvais). Dragon, 118 (XI-9), Feb. 1987. Front cover.