WILL Elaine M.

WILL Elaine M.

Grew up in Saskatchewan, this freelance cartoonist and illustrator is now based in Saskatoon.

She graduated from Bournemouth University in England with a Bachelor of Arts in illustration.

Her first graphic novel Look Straight Ahead was released in 2013. In 2012 she had received a Xeric grant award. This self-publishing grant is given to creators by the Xeric Foundation. It was a novel about metal sickness.

Dust-Ship Glory was adapted from a novel by Andreas Schroeder which is based on the real-life story of Tom Sukanen a Finnish immigrant to Saskatchewan who during the 1930’s Depression attempted to build a steam ship to sail back to his native Finland. One can see the ship at the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village & Museum south of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

Her cartoon strip “On The Bus” appears in Verb Magazine of Saskatoon.




Content novel & Cover book front & back:

 Dust-Ship Glory. Renegade Arts Entertainment, February 2018.


Article book:

Dust-Ship Glory. Renegade Arts Entertainment, February 2018: “ Biography.’.