WALKER George A.

WALKER George A.

This visual artist is probably our best example of the fuzzy boundary between our defined categories of fine art and cartooning. In Walker’s wordless biographies one can see an approach similar to Doug Wright’s cartoon strip “Doug Wright’s Family”. At the same time in Walker’s work one can see a technical sophistication in a field usually associated with fine art – the woodblock engraving print.

George Walker is an award winning wood engraver, book artist teacher, author, illustrator and publisher. (223). He trained as a letterpress printer in high school, in 1983 graduated from the Ontario College of Art, received a Bed from Brock University in 1996, attended Ryerson and York Universities and received an MA in Communication & Culture. Since 1985, He has been an associate professor at Ontario College of Art and Design. In the same year he founded with his wife Michelle Columbia Street Press. He is Graphic Novel Acquisitions Editor for publisher Porcupine’s Quill and Creative Director at Firefly Books. He was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art in 2002. He is associated with the Loving Society of Letterpress & the Binders of Infinite Love, and the Canadian Book Binders and Book Artists Guild.

He has produced wood engraved illustrations for graphic writer Neil Gaiman’s A Winter’s Tale, Making a Chair, plays: Murder Mysteries and Snow Glass Apples, and poem “The Rhyme Maiden”.

In 1995, 1997, 2002 and 2005 he won Best original Print Awards at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit. In 2008, he won a Bonze Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards for Images from the Neocerebellium. In 2015, he won 1st Prize from the Alcuin Society Book Design Awards for Leonard Cohen Songbook. Copies of his illustrated Adventure In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass are on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England.




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