SAW Lew 

In my time, editors wanted cartoons to be illustrated clichés.”                                Lew Saw, The Hecklers: 250.

Born 1922 in Western Australia.

He left school at fourteen years old to apprentice as a jeweler’s engraver. During World War 2, he joined the Royal Australian Air Force and trained in Canada. After the war he became an editorial cartoonist for The Perth Daily News in Australia. His wife was Canadian and so in 1952 he moved to Canada. After applying at several newspapers, he was hired by the Tribune [Winnipeg].

In 1957, disliking prairie winters, he moved to Vancouver where he freelanced until he became a cartoonist for the Province [Vancouver]. Disillusioned with the newspaper business and the prevailing attitudes towards cartoonists, he quit the business and went into animation.


Article book:

The Hecklers. Writ. & Ed.., Peter Desbarates & Terry Mosher. McClelland & Stewart Ltd.,1979: 250.