RYAN Alonzo

RYAN Alonzo

He was born in Montréal about 1868.. He was one of the first Montréal cartoonists to be used by newspapers on a regular basis. He variously worked on Le Canada, Le Journal, The Witness, La Patrie, the Herald, Le Canard, and le Combat. He created a caricature of the average Québecois which he called “Baptiste Canadian – soi-meme et chezlui”. He may have been the one to introduce this symbol which was used by the following 2 generations of Québec cartoonists. He was non-partisan attacking both Liberals and Conservatives. According to Staley, “It was a common saying in Montreal editorial circles: ‘Ryan may be with the Government at nine o’clock but he is with the Opposition at eleven.’.” and “The general opinion of Ryan’s work expressed in Montreal is ‘Toujours spirituelle-jamais inordinate”.


Book text:

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Periodical text:

“The Cartoonmen of Canada.” Writ., John Edgecumbe Staley. Maclean’s Magazine, Mar. 1914: 44.