GIRARD Philippe

GIRARD Philippe

He was born in Québec City in 1971. At age 8 years, he had his first cartoon story published in a children’s magazine. He has worked for various magazines and newspapers, published nine graphic books and a series of novels for children. The newspaper La Presse (Montréal) published for one year “Béatrice” a cartoon serial. It later appeared in the weekly magazine Spirou.

He received a Bédéis Causa Award in 2001 for Jim Le Malingre: Avatars Atavviques as well as the Bédélys Québec Award. In 2008 he won a Joe Shuster Award for writer for Danger Public.




Content memoir & Cover book front & back:

Ruts & Gullies: Nine Days in Saint Petersburg. Trans. Kerryann Cochrane. BDANG – Conundrum Press, 2010. First published as Les Ravins by Mecanique Generale.

Killing Velazquez. Trans. Kerryann Cochrane. Greenwich: BDANG – Conundrum Press, 2011. First published as Tuez Vélasquez, Les Éditions Glénat Québec Inc., 2009.

Content history & Cover book front & back:

Leonard Cohen On A Wire, Trans., Helge Dascher & Karen Houle. Drawn & Quarterly, January 2022. First published by Casterman 2021.


Article book:

Ruts & Gullies: Nine Days in Saint Petersburg. 2010 :“Bio. on back cover.”