Born 29 July 1962 in Okinawa Japan.

In 1984, she received a B.A. in Honours English from the University of British Columbia, in 1989 a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a Diploma in Animation from the Emily Carr Institute Of Art and Design, and in 1992 a Masters Of Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University’s School For Contemporary Design. Also in 1992, she completed within the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto, the Cineplex Entertainment Film Director’s Lab and became a resident at the CFC until 1993. From 1994 till 1995, she was an artist in residence at the Alademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart Germany. She was a graduate film advisor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She participated with founder and creative director Bruce Alcock in the creation in 2000 of Global Mechanic, an animation/film/design house in Vancouver.

From October 2015 to May 2016, she was the Phil Lind Multicultural Artist in Residence at the University of British Columbia. She has her own company Sleepy Dog Films.

While going to university in the 1980’s Ann Marie was in a car accident which left her with severe immobility problems. She continued her studies and to compensate for her disability, she developed a character “Stick girl” which became her voice and sometime alter ego. “Stick Girl” has appeared in the web series Planet Green, and animated features like The Magic Life of Long Tack Sam (2003) , and Window Horses (2016). After the same accident, Ann Marie began exploring home movies of her great grandfather. The result was The Magic Life of Long Tack Sam the story of her great-grandfather “Long Tack Sam” a magician born in China, who starred in vaudeville: Canada to the U.S. to Britain to Austria back to Canada in the early 20th century. This feature was adapted into a graphic biography which in 2008 was given the Doug Wright “Best Book Award”. The animated feature Window Horses has also been adapted into the graphic book format.

Another of her animated films I Was A Holocaust Survivor’s Child, (2010), which was based on the illustrated memoir of Bernice Einstein, was listed among the Toronto International Film Festival’s top ten films for 2010, was selected the best animated film at the Reel2Real Youth Film Festival, and the best short from the Women’s International Film & Television Showcase. It was co-produced with the National Film Board.




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