It began as a child’s Christmas story written by Don Gillmor and illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay and published by Stoddart Publishing Ltd., in 1998. Then circa 2002, the story was made by into an animated television movie of the same name by the Vancouver based animation company Bardel Entertainment. It won four Leo Awards, for Best Animated Film, Best Direction, Best Musical Score for an Animated Film, and Best Youth and Children’s Program. The Leo Awards are given out by the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia.

The Christmas Orange is the story of Anton Stingley who produces a sixteen page list of wants from Santa, but on Christmas Day receives only an orange. Anton decides to sue Santa and hires the vile lawyer Wiley Studpustle. A trial follows. At the climax Santa shocks the crowd with his comment, “It isn’t my job to bring you what you want. My job is to bring you what you need.” And with that Santa quits. It is then up to Anton to do what is necessary to convince Santa to return to his job.


Article book:

The Christmas Orange. Writ., Don Bailey. Illus., Marie-Louise Gay. Fitzhenry & Whiteside Ltd. 2003.